Zan Baron Capital AQHA

Cap is a 2001 dunalino son of Zan Parr Sun.  He has been thoroughly trained and seasoned all his life at rodeos excelling as a well mannered heeling stallion.  He has been hauled all over the region and he took his job very seriously.  This stallion is a finished heeling and reining and he is quiet with the best of dispositions.  He stands right at 14.3 hands with a wide, well put together conformation, and a beautiful profile.  We feel extremely blessed to have this stallion, he has so much personality and to meet him is to love him.  Cap doesn't mind being turned out with geldings and absolutely loves foals.  He has never been dangerous, out at pasture with his mares, or in a hand breeding situation.  He is the best first stallion anyone could learn from.  Zan Baron Capital has some of the most demanded bloodlines up close in his pedigree.  For instance,  Zan Parr Bar is his grand sire, a long with Baron Bell,  Skipper W, and Two Eyed Jack in his extended background.

Cap showing off his dorsal stripe and leg barring spring 2012.
This photo is of Cap May 2013 out with a few of his mares and foals.
Cap in his winter clothes 2013.

We had never gotten to see him doing his "roping thing" til last fall in Nebraska and we were all blown away by his professionalism when it came to his job and sitting idle waiting his turn with large amounts of horses all around him including other stallions.

The next four pictures are of us visiting our fellow Philip Ranch family a half-mile down our road and doing a little practicing and a little visiting.

Cap is third from the right waiting his turn with his header.Frank's Daughter, Mylah on "Cap" and Jenn Rome of P- Horses at a roping in Lincoln, Nebraska "warming up"

Zan Baron Capital is n/n for the 5 panel test.
Cap will be standing at stud spring 2015
Stud Fee: $400 LFG

There are pictures of him on our Facebook page.

Zan Baron Capital

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